Todd Schorr

Todd Schorr's artistic journey is one that hardly conforms to the time-honored stereotype of Bohemian artist. It is rather a post-war tale bracketed by an America infatuated with the limitless potential of consumerism. His formative years were spent in a world surrounded by the atomic and space ages, by Saturday morning cartoons and racks of comic books at the local drug store, a land populated by Revell models, Mad Magazine, Testors glue, Mickey Mouse and Rat Fink. Further fueling his developing image bank were the seemingly endless icons from television's early years: Robbie the Robot, Mighty Joe Young and reel upon reel of animated toons from the likes of

Art by Todd Schorr

Tex Avery, George Pal and Max Fleischer. The compulsion to replicate these characters led to a formal art education and exposure to a new set of influences drawn from the world of advertising and commercial art. With a formal education at the Philadelphia College of Art came the next installment of Schorr's visual education. The net product of those initial gathering years, by choices or by casual assimilation, began to work themselves out as his natural skills were challenged by the academic rigors of art school. But it was no sweat. The challenge was quickly met and college gave him further exposure to the techniques and content of the masters Vermeer, Da Vinci, and Bosch and academic painters Jean Leon Gerome and Alma Tadema. TIME Not only did Schorr paint the cover for the January 18, 1982 issue of Time Magazine but he used himself for the model as well. Thus realizing his ambition to be "on" the cover of Time before his 30th birthday.

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